Why An Interactive Voice System Is Better For Your Customers

Do you wonder if there's a way to make your telephone system more efficient and yield a better experience for your customers? You should consider using an interactive voice response system, or IVR. By using an interactive voice response system you can give your customer's a more streamlined customer service experience. Knowing how an IVR benefits your business model will give your customers a better experience and propel your business forward.

IVRs Help With Organization

Having an interactive voice response system answer your calls will route your callers more directly to who they need to talk to. Having a simple menu with a handful of options will aid with your call system's organization, allowing customers to get access to what they need quickly. IVR's also allow customers to handle many simple transactions themselves such as paying a balance or ordering new services. By getting simple transactions out of the way, your employees will be able to handle more difficult situations.

Have you ever tried to call a business only to be passed around from employee to employee? An IVR can help alleviate the frustration of your customers not being able to contact who they need to speak to. An interactive voice response system minimizes downtime caused by employees handling calls that they aren't trained to handle. Also, with minimal downtime your customers' satisfaction will increase because their request will be handled correctly the first time.

IVR's Increase Your Availability

Once you set up an IVR system, your business can easily become a 24 hour operation. This makes your business available whenever your customers need you. If a customer requires a transaction that they can't process themselves through the IVR system, they can be forwarded to the appropriate voice mail box so their needs can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Not only will your business be available additional hours during the day, but your business will be able to handle a larger call volume. Your employees can only answer so many calls per hour, but an IVR system can process an incredible amount of transactions without ever breaking a sweat.

Use Call Prioritization To Help Customers

Many interactive voice response systems feature a call prioritization feature. With these features you can direct a highly valued customer to an employee quickly by placing them in front of the queue. With call prioritization you don't have to worry about losing a highly valued customer because they couldn't get through to customer service. 

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