Three Security Mistakes To Avoid To Help Protect Against Employee Theft

As a business owner, you are fully aware that theft is a huge problem. Although many people think about an intruder gaining access to their building as the primary threat, employee theft is a real problem as well. When combating employee theft, it requires you to plan your security design from the inside, out. Even if you think you have an efficient plan in place, here are three security mistakes you want to avoid to ensure your business is better protected from employee theft.

Multiple Access Codes

Make certain you're selecting a security system that offers multiple access codes. Some security systems operate with a single access code that all users share to operate the alarm system. Alarm systems that support more security codes are inherently more secure.

The primary reason for this is that each code is assigned to a specific individual, allowing you to know exactly who was in the building and when. Multiple code alarm systems also offer the function of an administrative code. Administrative level access offers the opportunity to deactivate codes and change codes when necessary, giving you greater control over your alarm system.

Security Cameras

When you had your new security system installed, you likely had security cameras installed around the exterior of the building. If you didn't put cameras on the inside, it's a good time to make this step. Make it a point to install cameras in any areas around your building where theft is possible, such as inventory rooms and supply closets.

It's also a good idea to install cameras in common working areas, such as a space that houses employee cubicles. In the event an employee is operating illegally, video surveillance will make it considerably easier to isolate the employee and rectify the situation.

Physical Keys

Minimize the number of physical keys you give to employees. It seems harmless, but keys only open the door to more risks. First, you can't fully control who has access to a key. When an employee loses a key or is terminated, the key can easily end up in the hands of someone who shouldn't have access.

It's better to rely on an electronic access control system designed with a code or biometric scanner for entry. This reduces the need for keys and gives you greater control to deactivate anyone's access when necessary.

Making an effort to protect your business from employee theft is a step in the right direction. Make sure you are working with your security system partner to take a proactive approach in this area.

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