Top 3 Reasons Why A Security System Is Better Than A Dog

Do you live somewhere that makes you feel less than secure? Are you thinking about buying a big dog in order to help deter burglars and other criminals? While a large dog can sometimes prevent you from becoming a target for thieves, having a dog isn't a guarantee that you won't be robbed or burgled. Instead of, or in addition to, a new canine companion, you might want to consider installing a security system in your home. Here are some things that make a residential security system better than a dog:

Can't be bribed: Even the most serious dog can often be bribed with bones or other delicious doggy treats. A career burglar may not be deterred by your dog's barking. He or she may carry a box of dog biscuits with him or her in order to buy your dog's temporary affection. A residential security system cannot be bribed in this manner. Although they may sometimes be disabled by a burglar, this is far less likely than a burglar making friends with your dog.

Can call the police: Even if a burglar is deterred by a barking dog, he or she may still break into your detached garage or shed in order to make off with any valuables within. Since dogs often bark for no reason at all, it's possible that nobody will think anything strange of your dog's continuous barking even as the burglar makes off with your expensive power tools. Instead of simply making noise, a residential security system can be set to monitor your garage and shed, in addition to your home. If any of these are broken into, the police can automatically be alerted before your valuables are carried away. Even if you're on vacation in another state, your home will still be protected by the security system.

Less hassle: Dogs are great and can make wonderful companions. However, if you're getting one solely to be your protector, you may be surprised at just how much work a dog can be. Dogs need to be fed, watered, walked, and taken to the vet regularly. Failing to keep your dog happy and healthy may result in a canine that will cause injury to you or that simply won't protect your home very well. In comparison, a residential security system needs very little in the way of maintenance. You'll have it installed, perhaps pay a small monthly fee for monitoring, and that's it. You can click here to find out more about security systems.